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FRAGMENTS OF A HOLOGRAM ROSE    -    Curating:  Luz Blanco &  Ludovic Bernhardt

Group Exhibition, from a text of William Gibson (title used by permission of the writer)

May 24 - June 30, 2019

SANATORIUM gallery, Istanbul

Artists: Chim↑Pom, Luz Blanco, Cari Gonzalez Casanova, Berkay Tuncay,

Ludovic bernhardt, Sergen Sehitoglu, Eric Arlix, Erol Eskici.


The exhibition Fragments of a Hologram rose is a reference and tribute to the short novel with the same title written by William Gibson in 1977.

It brings together artists of different nationalities who, through their works, can take a personal look at this writing and its global dislocated narrative where poetic hallucinations meet politic-electronic communication networks.



Capture d’écran 2019-06-22 à


1- Blanco Luz - 2019

Amnesia & Bit Rot

Installation - Wall paper / Diasec & Drawings

2- Cari Gonzalez-Casanova - 2019

Natural Shadow Slabs - Installation

3- Sergen Şehi̇toğlu - 2019

Nine Places - videos installation



4- Berkay Tuncay - 2018

Poems from Relaxation Videos

5- Bernhardt Ludovic - 2019

Magnesium sky - Installation

6- View of the exhibition


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