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Artist Book 

Excerpted from the "Confessions",

St Augustine,Book X, chapter 13

This book is a text experimentation created with an erasing process from the "Confessions", St Augustine, Book X, chapter 13.

The artist just lets visible the punctuations and few words from the original text of St Augustine. In the same way that memory is inherently fragile, the book presents "the memory of forgetfulness" as a fundamental dialectic which is at the core of this graphic investigation. In his Confessions, Saint-Augustine articulated an essential framework for thoughts as an approach to the complementarity of these two apparently opposite terms.

book represented by the Sanatorium gallery, istanbul

and by the studio montespecchio in its "alalimite 2a*" selection

and "YOU Books by women artists" collection.

Memory 1 & 2 ( 2014 )

Excerpted from the "Confessions",

St Augustine,Book X, chapter 13

Drawing on paper 

2 pieces

100x155 cm

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